5 Things You Often Forget Doing Before Moving to a New Home In San Antonio, TX

A Short List to Help You Remember What You Need to Get Done Before You Relocate From Your Property

Moving is a very stressful process which can take quite long. This is why it comes as no surprise that many people forget to do vital things before leaving their old home. Today, the moving and storage service provider San Antonio Office and Apt Movers has prepared a short checklist to help you remember what needs to get done.

Apt MoversHere are our top 5 most common things families tend to forget doing:
1. Gathering the phones, e-mails, or addresses of the people from your old neighborhood – Having in mind that you will no longer see them so often, it will be nice to have their contact details so you can keep communicating with them.
2. Take care of your plants – Very few moving companies transport plants, so if you have quite a few of them, you better either deliver them to your new home yourself or book in a flower delivery company which can help you with this task.
3. Take care of your pets – The same rule applies for your four-legged friends. No moving contractor will agree to load your pets in a truck. This is why, you should arrange it by using other type of services or your own family car for the purpose.
4. Settle your bills – Always keep track of what you have paid or not or you may otherwise end up paying the utility expenses of the new tenants which moved in after you left. Also make sure to cancel utilities like electricity, water, gas, internet, etc.
5. Collect all of your documentation in one place and take it with your personal car – Fill in a box with all your bills, contracts, birth certificates, school documentation, bank information, membership cards, etc. Make sure to take them with your personal automobile. No matter how well insured your moving and storage service provider is, it is not recommended to trust confidential information to people you have never met before.

If you have still not booked a mover in San Antonio, TX , but you have already done these 5 things you better hurry up and call us! We are a leading moving contractor in the area and know well how to transport any type and size of load safely and quickly!

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